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Our mission

iCanProgram Inc. specializes in the application of Open Source Technologies to provide software solutions to business which optimize use of available resources.

What we do?

iCanProgram Inc. offers contract custom programming and programming mentoring services to clients. 

We do both onsite software development work (T&M) and offsite work (fixed price). This allows the client to easily control the pace and cost of work. Our low overhead and small core size allows us to offer flexible and responsive solutions to our clients. 

Our network of virtual partners allows the client access to a larger pool of expertise.

What is our philosophy?

Good software solutions should not only meet current business needs but should readily be extendable as those business needs evolve. We achieve this through a design paradigm which enforces modular design. We start from simple modules which work and build up more complete systems by connecting these modules together.

Software solutions should conform to your business needs and not the other way around. As such we have built up a large array of tools that allow for rapid development and customization.

We are committed to the sensible application of communication technologies to enhance our service and interaction with the client. 

iCanProgram believes that quality software  is achieved through modular design and the process of continuous improvement.

What have we done ?

Our projects have included: 
  • offsite code emulation/maintenance system 
  • embedded security system 
  • middleware for public transaction kiosk
  • middleware for banking gateway
  • VOIP driver
  • telecom cross connect
  • Curses text based user interface  
  • data acquisition and automated QC lab  
  • container inspection system
  • scrap part sorting system  
  • desktop battery testing system 
Our clients have included everything from small startup companies through to large financial and insurance corporations.

How do we give back to the Open Source community?

iCanProgram is a founding member and active participant in the SIMPL Open Source project.

Since Jan 2002 iCanProgram has been offering a series of online programmer training courses using an innovative no fees in return for a charitable Cancer Research donation scheme.