Welcome to the demo for
Programming Level 1

If this were a writing course the analogy would be:   We are going to teach you how to use a pencil and paper.   We are going teach you the language grammar.    We are going to teach you how to use the dictionary.    Then you are going to write a short composition.    In principal we would have given you all the tools and skills you would need to write a complete novel  ... you would simply need more practice and a creative imagination.

Being able to program a computer allows you a whole new avenue for your creativity.   The tools you will be using in this course are capable of producing much more sophisticated and useful computer programs.

One of the things you can teach a computer to do is read and write text files.   While our little program will be a far cry from Microsoft Office Suite,  the ideas and principles associated with the programming will be the same.   In addition to learning about files you will learn how to setup a "File Edit etc" menubar and how to read and write text from the screen.

We have produced a demo version we call the "Ticker tape".    A static screen shot of this demo is shown below. The program that will be developed during this course will be a more sophisticated version of this program.
In order to view the demo as a live program you will be required to download a piece of software called a "plugin".    A plugin is the name given to software which extends the capabilities of your web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape are some commonly used browsers).   There are a number of plugins available for everything from enabling music or video to electronic commerce.   The plugin we are requiring is one that enables the browser to understand a program written in the programming language called Tcl/Tk.   Many of you will have already used plugins to view pieces of code on the web.    These pieces of code are given a special name called "applets" ... presumably meaning "small applications".    The most common applets are written in a sophisticated programming language called JAVA.    JAVA is so common that your browser comes with the JAVA plugin already installed.

The Tcl plugin you will have to download and install is completely free and completely safe.   If you have never downloaded and installed a plugin before you may want to look at some detailed installation steps by clicking here.

Are you ready to run this demo ?
<- Should be cyan if you have the latest Tcl Plugin version!
Otherwise download it!

If your little dot is CYAN then you can view  the live  ticker tape demo here.