How to download and install the Tcl plugin

The following steps were performed on an IBM clone running Windows 95.   The steps will be similar for other operating systems such as Windows98, Linux or Macintosh.   There is a link beside each step in the procedure that presents a screenshot of the Windows95 screen.
  1. Scroll down to correct operating system ie. Windows 95 or Macintosh and click on "self ..." (screenshot)
  2. Click on "Save this program to disk" then "OK" (screenshot)
  3. "Save in : Desktop" Click "Save".  This will take about 5 minutes. (screenshot)
  4. At the "download complete" Click "close"
  5. Double click on icon called "tclplug20" on desktop
  6. Click "OK" (screenshot)
  7. Click "OK" to install on C drive (screenshot)
  8. Click "Install" for which browser
  9. Delete tclplug from desktop by dragging to Recycle bin