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In memory of Linda:
Linda was very instrumental in getting the iCanProgram courses launched.   She fought bravely for 7 years but ultimately Cancer  won.   We'll miss her.

In memory of Linda all the iCanProgram courses will now be offered WITHOUT fees. 

All we ask in return is that you make a voluntary contribution to your local Cancer Research charity.

WOW !!! 

Over 3000 students from over 50 different nations have participated in iCanProgram courses since 2002 January. 

All the worldwide Cancer charities thank you.

We believe that programming a computer can be fun.

We believe that learning to program a computer is not difficult.

By using the Internet and some freely available programming tools we can deliver facilitated computer programming courses that are now FREE ... and of course fun to take too.


Introduction to Linux Programming:
"so I've installed Linux on my PC ... now what?"

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*** SIMPL Book published ***

Programming the SIMPL Way
"a book about the SIMPL toolkit"

The creators of the SIMPL toolkit have written a book


*** SIMPL Kits coming soon ***

hardware + SIMPL toolkit + SIMPL book + SIMPL cloud space

For more information and to be notified when these SIMPL kits become available click here.


Python Programming the SIMPL way:
"now that I understand the SIMPL paradigm can I program in Python?"

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Introduction to GUI Programming with Tcl/Tk: 
"there must be more I can do with my computer than sending email"

For a course demo click here or  here
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Python GUI Programming: 
"I've taken the Tcl/Tk course, now how about an OOP language"

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iCanProgram + Knoppix selfhosted(live)CD:
We'd like to create a set of help pages to allow a student without access to a Linux installation (eg. company laptop) to participate in these courses.

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  • all iCanProgram.com courses come with a "don't pay a cent ever" guarantee of satisfaction (we expect that you will make a Cancer charity donation in return)
  • all iCanProgram.com courses are run by professional facilitators so you can learn and ask questions from an experienced programmer when you encounter any difficulties

QUESTIONS? feel free to email us at info[ATnospam]iCanProgram[DOT]com