Phidget-SIMPL Framework

Welcome to the home of the Phidget-SIMPL Framework project: a subproject of OPNDRS.

Please feel free to visit the  opndrs project on also.
2012Apr17 phidgetMgr seed code enhanced to include a Tcl/Tk stimulator for triggering outputs.
2012Apr15 phidgetMgr seed code enhanced to decode data and trigger digital outputs
2012Apr13 dpfp.c example modified to execute a control transfer as per CUSBSendPacket()
2012Apr11 some modified stub code using real data from the SBC. Temperature sensor relocated to other end of row.
2012Apr10 some stub code extracted from the existing Phidgets source code.
2012Apr09 phidgetMgr seed code enhanced to include Linode cloud test.
2012Apr04 phidgetMgr seed code enhanced to read and report 64 bytes of data.
2012Mar31 phidgetMgr seed code released.
2012Mar30 Installed the SIMPL toolkit
2012Mar21 Modified the dpfp.c example to add poll() call for async I/O.
2012Mar20 Modified the lsusb.c example to expose the endpoint_descriptor structure.
2012Mar19 Modified this synchronous sample from the Mar13 test.
2012Mar13 Found this synchronous sample online.
2012Mar12 Modified the example code to explore more of the libusb calls.
2012Jan04 Installed libusb-1.0 and ran example code.
2011Nov15 We now have direct access to a Phidgets SBC and temperature sensor(1124).
2010Apr07 We are finally underway with the initial design.

Our mission

We intend to build a framework for the Phidgets devices using the SIMPL project softwareICs components. This framework could be used to wrap all the Phidgets software calls into a SIMPL Send/Receive/Reply package.

The intent is wherever possible to divide our application into:

The framework portions will be the common code and will be licenced under the LGPL licence.

The plugin portions will encapsulate the sensor specific code and will have no obligatory licence requirements.

What have we done thus far?

The change log for the current released version is here.

The vision statement for the first milestone release is here.

This project makes heavy use of the LGPL'd  SIMPL toolset.

The current system picture for this project is presented below.


How do I get involved?

Certainly we encourage you to download the source and play with it (and you are completely free to use it in your projects and products).

Contact and use our mailing list.

As it is with any Open Source project,  the Phidget-SIMPL project can only grow and prosper if the people using the code give something back in return.

If you are an experienced LINUX developer or kernel hacker we certainly could use your contributions.

Our code is written with the KISS philosphy in mind. As such even a novice C programmer could study and understand the code. So even if you are just starting out as a LINUX developer your contribution to this effort is welcome. We will make every reasonable effort to help you get going and support you along the way.

Other contributions and related links


What sort of things are being worked on (or need to be done)?

As with any Open Source project, our success ultimately depends on the participation rate of its volunteer developers. We encourage you to get involved and help grow the code base in new and different directions. There is ample work for developers of all skill levels from new C programmers to seasoned veterans.

This project is being coordinated by iCanProgram Inc.