JAVA-SIMPL Installation Instructions

We are still testing the simpler installation procedure detailed below. It is very difficult to cover off all possible combinations of Linux systems and configurations so we need your help. If you discover a problem with this installer script or want to make suggestions for improvement do not hesitate to contact us on the SIMPL mailing list or at icanprogram[ATNOSPAM]295[DOT]ca.


On your Linux distribution you'll want to verify that you have the following additional packages:

The self installing archive simplifies the installation of SIMPL and the JAVA-SIMPL extension into a single install script. This installation will be done in /tmp and will allow you to run all the code associated with the course as a temporary demo. If you are satisfied and wish to make this SIMPL installation permanent you will be offered that option.

The steps are as follows:

NOTE: If you wish to examine this install script before running it you can simply edit The installer script is contained in the first part up until the line:


Operating the testing framework

If all your code installed and built correctly using the procedure above you should be able to see a list of tests associated with the course.

From that list of tests (the JAVA-SIMPL unit tests are jsXXXX) you can select the first JAVA-SIMPL unit test by typing:


at the installer script prompt.

If you are successful the test should run.

Have fun. Hope you enjoy JAVA-SIMPL programming.