JAVA-SIMPL Installation Instructions

This source code is completely self contained. It will not pollute your source tree.

An assumption is made that you have already downloaded and installed the latest SIMPL code.

Step 1: Download the latest JAVA-SIMPL source tar.gz file to your system if you have not already done so (~6k)

Step 2: To undo the gzip'd tar file simply perform the following steps:

Step 3: Create a symbolic link to java

ln -s java-x.x.x java

x.x.x is substituted for actual version. eg. 1.3.3

Step 4: Build the code

If the $SIMPL_HOME/scripts is in your PATH you can simply type

Alternatively you can

cd $SIMPL_HOME/java
make clean
make install

This will create the required JAVA-SIMPL hooks.

Step 5: Run the unit tests.

There are some examples of JAVA-SIMPL code in the $SIMPL_HOME/java/test directory. If you have the SIMPL testing framework scripts installed you can run these in the normal way. The JAVA-SIMPL tests begin with the "js" designator.

Step 6: Have fun with the stuff.

If you have any problems, comments or suggestions for improvement don't hesitate to contact the SIMPL project mailing list.

Contributions are welcome.

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This project is being coordinated by FC software Inc.