Synchronous Interprocess Messaging Project for LINUX (SIMPL)

 Old news archive:
03Oct6 SIMPLv2.2.2 released - bug fixes in Python version detection algorithms
03Sept15 SIMPLv2.2.1 released - bug fixes in tclSurrogate
03June24 SIMPLv2.2.0 released  enables Python language to SIMPL hooks 
03June23 closest thing to "SIMPL on silicon" embodied in the new appliance announced today.
03Apr23 SIMPLv2.1.0 released
03Feb13 SIMPLv2.0.2 released
02Dec04 SIMPL for QNX library released,  code for examples and softwareICs brought up to v2.0.1
02Dec02 SIMPL v2.0.1 released
02Nov22 SIMPLv2.0rc3 is now available for download
02Nov19 SIMPLv2.0rc2 is now available for download
02Oct 29 SIMPLv2.0rc1 is now available for download
02Aug28 v1.5.7 added full path to createIPCtable in buildsimpl script
02Aug27 bug fix in Tcl/Tk shared library which prevented name_locate() calls from working correctly
02July25 new C++ benchmark example in the SIMPL examples tarball
02July11 v1.5.5 minor bug in benchmarks fixed
02July6 v1.5.4 fixed bug in buildsimpl script,  centralized all IPCtable utilities to simplUtils directory
02June12 v1.5.3 completed migration of internal SIMPL utils to new simpl_fcipc layer
                            along with a complete cleanout of the SIMPL source tree
02May29 v1.5.2 new fcipc compatibility layer 
02Feb28: v1.5.1 with keep alive functionality in nameloc surrogates
02Feb26: new base version v1.5.0 = v1.4.1702Feb22: bug fix in shared memory allocation (v1.4.17)
02Feb19: all anonymous FTP links replaced with HTTP links
02Jan4: some bug fixes in fcsocket.tcl and some utility scripts
01Dec15: added msync to force IPC table resync.   Added some backout logic to tclSurrogate.
01Dec3: added slot locking for cases where many SIMPL processes are being spawned dynamically
01Oct24: allow for surrogates (nameloc and tclSurrogate) to accept port overrides on command line
01Sep17: another small bug fix in simplipc/src/simpl.c
01Aug30: small bug fix for simplipc/src/simpl.c in v1.4.11
01Aug30: the new sourceforge mailing list is in place.   If you haven't resubscribed please do so using the links provided below.
01Aug7: the  mailing list service, which hosted the SIMPL mailing list,  has suddenly been terminated ... I'm in the process of moving the list to ... sorry for the disruption
01Jul5: made the debugger compile flag (-g) an option with a debug Makefile target
01Jun25: added dynamic library capabilities to simplipc/src library
01Jun18: added cksum function to simplmisc library
01Apr20: some small tweeks to allow smooth compilation under Linux 2.4.x
01Feb9: bug fix to cure duplicate nameloc process names
01Jan29: the "I think this is it" bug fix release 1.4.5
01Jan27: splitting of qnx compatibility library to create simplmisc library
01Jan26: new trace logger library
01Jan24: bug fix release 1.4.2
01Jan9: new stable release cut at 1.4.0
00Nov27: new bug fix release 1.3.13
00Nov22: SIMPL publication in Nov 2000 issue #79 of Linux Journal pg.150
00Oct12: New web->Tcl/Tk cgi-bin -> SIMPL example
00Oct5: New consolidated SIMPL library with integrated TCP/IP network transparency
00Sept20: Updated SIMPL examples tarball now include a JAVA interface example
00July26: Updated SIMPL examples tarball now includes tclet3(Remote Procedure Calls) and tclet4 (Call backs)
00June24: The main tarball has been migrated over to the "simpl" directory root.   This code has been moved over to the LGPL licence at the same time.

This project is being coordinated by FC software Inc.