Python-SIMPL Installation Instructions

This source code is completely self contained. It will not pollute your source tree.

An assumption is made that you have already downloaded and installed the latest SIMPL code.

NOTE: The SIMPL-Python shared library requires some of the headers contained in the Python source package in order to compile. Be sure that you have BOTH the Python runtime and the Python source packages installed on your Linux system before doing the following steps.

Step 1: Download the latest Python-SIMPL source tar.gz file to your system if you have not already done so (~6k)

Step 2: To undo the gzip'd tar file simply perform the following steps:

Step 3: Create a symbolic link to python

ln -s python-x.x.x python

x.x.x is substituted for actual version. eg. 3.0.0

Step 3a: Create a symbolic link to python/src/Makefile

cd $SIMPL_HOME/python/src
ln -s make3 Makefile

for the case where Python3 library is wanted.


ln -s make2 Makefile
for Python2 library is wanted

Step 4: Build the code

If the $SIMPL_HOME/scripts is in your PATH you can simply type


Alternatively you can

cd $SIMPL_HOME/python
make clean
make install

This will create the required Python-SIMPL hooks.

Step 5: Run the examples.

There are some examples of Python-SIMPL code in the $SIMPL_HOME/python/test directory as well as in the SIMPL examples tarball

Step 6: Have fun with the stuff.

If you have any problems, comments or suggestions for improvement don't hesitate to contact the SIMPL project mailing list.

There is an online course that utilizes the Python-SIMPL interface.

There is another open source project which makes use of the Python-SIMPL interface

Contributions are welcome.

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This project is being coordinated by FC software Inc.