Programming the SIMPL Way


On your Linux distribution you'll want to verify that you have the following additional packages:

If you wish to run the sudoku code associated with the book you'll first need to insure that the following installations are done:

NOTE: the procedures above will have directed you to set the TEST_HOME environment variable in a certain way. In the section below you will be changing this so that you can operate the code associated with the book.

NOTE 2: We are still testing a new and improved all in one installation procedure for SIMPL and the book sample code. If you are interested in helping with the testing click here.

Code for the Sudoku puzzle solver

This tarball should contain all the code required to run the Sudoku puzzle solver.

Untarring this tarball will result in a simplBook subdirectory. The demo code lives in the sudoku subdirectory. The testing framework lives in the testing subdirectory.

You'll want to export the TEST_HOME environment variable to point at the location up to and including your simplBook directory.

Building the Sudoku demo code

The top level Makefile exists at the simplBook level of your tree.

The following sequence should build the Sudoku puzzle solver code including all the various test stubs.

make clobber
make install

This should have created an executable area called simplBook/sudoku/bin and it should be populated with some executables.

Operating the testing framework

If you have correctly exported the TEST_HOME environment variable to point at your simplBook directory as described in the above section and you have appended $SIMPL_HOME/scripts to your PATH environment variable, you should be able to type:

seetest i

and see a list of the Sudoku puzzle solver tests.

If you have the Tcl/Tk installation done correctly you should be able to operate the Tcl/Tk test as follows:

seetest sb005

pretest sb005

dotest sb005

If you are successful a window similar to the following should pop up: (at least after you select the Test button)

Have fun. Hope you enjoy the book.